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Mesh 300 Specifications Diameter
Filter Type Self-Cleaning Filter Filter Material Stainless
Brand Jinxing    

         This product is widely used in automatic backwash water filters, pipeline filters. (Hand, since the) dynamic brush filter filter filter. It is with the V-section of the stainless steel wire wound on a frame made of welded multi-row. Formed between every adjacent two steel precision filtration slit, easy to wash, when the anti-smooth residues can exclude. To achieve a continuous water supply functions. Filter Accuracy: 4 ~ 300 mesh


Diameter (D) 25、26、28、29、32、38、40、42、45、48、50、53、57、58、60、65
462、480、500、510、550 、560 、610 、630 、650
Gap (T) 0.05、0.06、0.08、0.10、0.15、0.20、0.25、…………6mm
Length (L) From 20-4500mm range processed according to user requirements
Notes (OD. Gap, length) Special specifications according to user requirements to determine the production.
Sieve of size parameter Gap Tolerance
NO. Reference Dimensions
1 1.5 2.0
2 1.8 2.5
3 2 3







6 1.2 1.8
7 2.5 3.8
Nominal Deviation of the distribution of
Size Deviation Account for the amount of% Deviation Total volume
When gapt<1 ±0.025 >90 ±0.05 <10
Comparison of commonly used forms of domestic and international flow of sieve tube


Liquid Wire Screen of Stainless Steel,Sieve plate,Filter Nozzle,Hub and lateral filter,Resin Trap,New Products
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