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Contact:Liu Xiang Lu
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  Hub Radial Laterals
  Description::Hub and lateral filter(Hub Radial Laterals)--V-around stainless steel wire in handling devices, and can replace stainless steel pipe openings re-package polyester nets old-fashioned branch pipes, circulation area, water distribution uniformity, mechanical strength, temperature resistance, pressure nature of anti-aging, anti-corrosive have been greatly enhanced. Stainless steel wire around the space can be designed according to the size of the resin. The products are ranked fishbone-type devices and hanging type medium-handling devices.
  Filter Nozzle
  Description::Filter Nozzle(Water strainer)--This product can replace the widely used water treatment devices, such as old-fashioned laminated plastic products. Be able to overcome resistance to older products big buck big, pressure and poor anti-aging properties of the inherent weaknesses. Use of stainless steel cap with a water flow passage area, is not affected by temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long life, safe and reliable. Products are single-tube head, tube-type double-headed, single-plate head, long-handled type, double-flow type, high-pressure water, hat and many other varieties.
  Well Screen、Sieve plate
  Description::Liquid Wire Screen of Stainless Steel(Stainless steel wedge wire screen、Well Screen)、Sieve plate--This product is widely used in various types of filter sieve tubes, in the middle drainage, water installations, water, hat and so on. Can replace the original hole or opening in the seam on the pipe after the package or multi-well plate polyester nets, nylon net old-fashioned water distribution model. Using a stainless steel V-Wire Wrapped Screen post-flow area increases, water distribution uniformity, mechanical strength enhanced, temperature, pressure, anti-aging, corrosion resistance raise the pressure to reduce and so on.
  Other products
  Description::Other products--The current domestic water treatment plant resin used in traps are mostly porous polyester drums outsourcing network, running filters closely aligns Tongbi often occur, causing pore blocking, resulting in a high resistance, and the polyester network in operation easily damaged, caused by resin into the demineralized water system leakage. Y-resin, stainless steel wire around the traps to overcome these shortcomings, it has had to capture high efficiency, Flow area, mechanical strength, good pressure little and so on.
  New Products
  Description::New Products